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    Kelly Lechner

    Content Creator, Online Teacher & Business Owner

    Who am I?

    My name is Kelly. I've been a beauty content creator as '@KellydelaCreme' for 5 years.

    After creating several viral videos, winning a brand trip and partnering with many big brands...

    I realized I wasn't entirely fulfilling my deepest calling of helping women make their dreams come true & grow into the best version of themselves.

    In 2019, I created La Creme Company to help women level up online and on the inside through teaching social media and self-growth.

    What will you learn?

    My Simple Self-Care Guide is meant to give you an easy, stress-free start to adding self-care into your life.

    Realize the importance of self-care for not only YOU but everyone around you as you can show up the best version of yourself!

    Release any guilt and easily create your perfect self-care routine!